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List of things to check before Purchasing a Property

Understanding the list of things to check before purchasing a property or land in India. India is a seventh-largest country in the world in terms of land area by occupying around 3.2 8 million square kilometers

step 1.

it’ s always better to purchase a property or land from the known sources visit the land once are twice to understand the area approach Road boundaries and check with your requirements which means physically you need to visit the site and look around the boundaries directions and where the land is exactly located and also check whether the land is agricultural or nonagricultural land and ask for all original documents before you are making your final decision to buy the land step.

2 these are following very important documents which are required to purchase land in India or any state of the country number one is title deed number two government-approved the layout.

3 encumbrance certificate number.

4 no objection certificate that is in short NOC from relevant authorities GP a general power of attorney and also sometimes SP a special power of attorney.

5 linked documents are ownership.

6 bills and sis paid revenue regards checking.

7 legal approvals.

8 land conversion certificates in case if uglier the land was under agriculture and after some time now it has become a barren land the seller must give you and produce the land conversion certificate and you must check before buying that land.

9. sale deed and mother deed document any other to the location master plan Zone allocation residential commercial industrial future proposals etc. which means you must check whether the land is coming as per any master plan Road extensions are any electrical lines passing by or any underground water lines gas lines etc. these things must be checked at micro to macro level to understand whether the land is okay to purchase or not.

These are few important tips I am sharing here for your understanding to cross-check before you make your final decision.

1.  It’ s always better to take legal or real estate professional assistance before taking a final call to buy that particular property.

2. Link documents must be checked at least for 30 years duration are at least up to the year 1985 which means from whom that land is transferred who was the earlier owner or who was the first owner of that particular land then from who that land is transferred to which person so the ownership transfers link documents you must take at least for 30 years if they are available.

3. it’ s always better to advertise in local newspaper with clear survey numbers that you are going to purchase the property if anyone is having any kind of refusal or any kind of differences about that particular land you may you will be having future chance to show that you have published in local newspaper that you are going to purchase that land it is always better to give a local ad in local language and in English language preferably.

4. important Tippy’ s understand the local governing land acts government orders nothing but goes if applicable to that piece of land property should not come under the prohibited lands and under Section 22 (a) of 19.8 Registration Act.

5. Depending on the area of land do check what are the rules and regulations applicable and financial support from banks either to purchase a property or to build any kind of construction in that particular land you might be purchasing a 200 square e ed land or you might be purchasing a 2-hectare land or 200-hectare land whatever might be the size you must check what are the rules what are the regulations which will be applicable to that particular area of the land important tip.  

6. check the local applicable taxes service charges and registration taxes to be paid to the government when you purchase the land.

7. names survey numbers should be the same when you check the link documents and the registration documents important tip number.

8. know who is the approving authority.

9. check for the approvals and clearances.

 you must check what are the rules applicable to the local area from local to global and you must think in the aspect of micro to macro in broad understanding and the final step ensure the rate you have purchased on ground value or Guidance Value not too low not too high what is the optimum cost which is running in that area to sell any land and don’ t go by crowds wise listen your own voice when you purchase or when you are planning and we are taking your final decision to buy the land mental peace is more important than the piece of land when you purchase a new bike from the seller and last check for sellers credentials before buying what are the credentials the seller is having his previous properties and preferably his professional background also all these steps will help you to make your complex situation into a clarity decision-making point to purchase the land for better prosperity and for investments.

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