Invest in small property

Investing in Small Properties

When I say small properties, it could be a studio. The apartment it could be a one-bedroom or it could be a two-bedroom apartment now this is typically not a dream home it’s not something people aspire to live in but they buy it because they have no choice or they can’t afford something better let me give you an example say for example, say you work in a law firm which is in this heart of the city you don’t want to travel for two hours every day to reach your office so you want something close by where you can either walk or quick drive so what would you look for you look for a small studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment if you are single your studio apartment is like a hotel room it has an as a hall it has a bed it has a toilet and a small the kitchen now the kitchen is typically just a table or a platform where you can have a gas normally it is an electric one where you know it’s almost like living in a hotel room so why should you invest in something like this it is a much better in a proposition to invest in a smaller property because for the same amount of money you can have three properties rather than having one large property so your vacancy levels also reduces if one is vacant you still keep getting around from the other two so it’s a very viable business model what are difficulties managing multiple tenants so as I was giving next you know the example of somebody who works in CBD individual needs a place to stay very close to his office and to you know all the good nightspots in you know the evening for entertainment some investment in this heart of the city of the small size will always have good demand rental yield also could be as high as 4% as opposed to a typical you know 3% for a residential if you can afford a two-bedroom on a sharing basis your ROI could go even higher it could go as ice four and a half five percent because technically what you’re doing is you’re running a tenanted a PG kind of a set up so it’s more like a business rather than a simple rental thing third if you furnish it your rent goes higher you know the cost of furnishing can be recovered in two-three years and typically a washing machine last 10 years but PV last 10 years 15 years a microwave the level will give you no problem service for at least 10 years invest in good brands which have good after-sales service have AMC put up so it gets automated so you know that’s one more way to increase your ROI so investing in small properties in the city location is also very good viable the option provided you have sufficient money to you know have your own home separately somewhere so it wouldn’t be the right thing to you stay in a rented place and you know to buy kind of you know a rental property so priority should be getting a house for yourself and second, would be you  know to leverage on this kind of options another option that you have as an investor or as a the property owner is to look at the model of a serviced apartment now typically a hotel room could range anywhere between 3,000 to 10,000 rupees some of the better ones could be even higher now for a business traveler who wants a home kind of experience a lot of people don’t mind living in an entire house on their own so that’s one more option you could look at the air the location doesn’t matter it could be anywhere in the town anywhere in the city that is always demand there are a lot of ways to leverage on that you could tie-up with certain web sites and you know rent out your space based on a certain profile of people you would like to have you could even rent out a portion of your house if you are open to that Airbnb and Couch Surfing these are all few websites which provide such opportunities but it is a viable an opportunity so just to summarize investing in a small apartment or a small studio apartment in the city the center is a wise decision provided you have you know a backup home of your own and secondly, if you have a little larger the house which you want to leverage buy rental more than the regular getting even licensure 11-month rental you could look at options of a service department also, there are professional service apartments which take up five units or ten units in an apartment and they run it as a service department so you could rent out one of you one of those units could be owned by you and rent it to them where you could either have a higher-end than a regular rental or you could have a revolution so you could work that out see the options are quite a lot.

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